how to care for your stained glass

Stained glass requires special care due to the artisan nature of the work. Simply dust most of the time and when needed, wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth. I recommend using distilled water only as hard water could spot the glass. Don't over wet the cloth, spray the glass or allow water to leak between the glass seams. Never submerge your stained glass in liquid, use a scouring pad, steel wool or anything that contains ammonia or abrasive cleansers.

For leadwork and trays, a patina or darkening of the lead and solder is a natural part of the process. Waxing with a soft cloth can help preserve the original finish, but overwaxing copper patinas may damage the finish.

Unless specified, all stained glass pieces are intended for indoor use. If hanging outside, remove hemp cord and hang piece from jump ring or attach waterproof twine to desired length.

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR mosaic coasters and trivets

To clean your mosaics, use a damp sponge to wipe off the top and if necessary mild dish soap as well. Stained glass mosaic coasters and trivets are not dishwasher safe. Trivets can handle up to 20lbs of weight that should be evenly dispersed in order to prevent damage. With normal use, your mosaic housewares can be enjoyed for a long time.