Handcrafted and carefully designed, one of a kind lead stained glass panels created by Los Angeles based artist, Debbie Bean.  Her process begins by designing her concepts in Illustrator to create a pattern that is then printed on paper.  These patterns, known as a cartoon are the templates from which the panels are created on. 

Each piece of glass is hand picked, then brought back to her studio where they are cut and joined by lead came strips to create intricate panels. Due to the variations inherent in how the glass sheets are manufactured, no two pieces of glass will ever be identical. Depending on the size and weight of the piece, the final panels are finished in either a lead or zinc came border and in some instances housed in a hand made wood frame.  

Her pieces are all based in traditional lead stained glass practices, however, as Debbie works in an organic nature, letting the glass guide her in the process, the final designs can change from the original concept as the work progresses. Therefore, while sold out designs can be recreated, each piece will always be unique.