Debbie Bean is a Los Angeles based artist living in the quiet Equestrian neighborhood of Shadow Hills with her husband and precocious cat. They enjoy spending their evenings listening to the neighborhood peacocks from their front porch.

She creates large scale installations, custom residential and commercial work as well as her signature retail line of handcrafted everyday objects available in stores all over the world.

Her love of stained glass started early when she designed her first panel at 10 years old for a window that needed to be replaced in her bathroom door. She took her first stained glass class when she was 16 that planted the seed that lead her to become the glass artist she is today.

A photographer originally, Debbie spent her time in New York photographing the emerging Brooklyn music scene. Between photo shoots, she rediscovered her love for painting and would stay up at night drawing on the floor of her studio apartment, her dog slumbering by her side. She returned to Los Angeles, only to find herself on the road with the
Akron/Family. Afterwards, she quickly found herself apprenticing under a master Tibetan monk, studying the ancient tradition of Tibetan Painting. Secluded up in the Tehachapi mountains, she worked alongside him and other visiting Lamas painting and learning their techniques.

Always looking for new experiences and adventure, Debbie headed back out on the road for the better portion of a year working and traveling with the Stone Temple Pilots. She went on to spend the next few years working behind the scenes in the art world and in 2014 returned to her childhood love of stained glass.

Debbie uses glass as a constant medium of exploration. She works predominantly in traditional leadwork and warm glass. 

Her studio is divided into distinct practices in an effort to make her art accessible to the larger public. The unifying theme throughout her work is based on her time spent with Tibetan Lamas. She strives to create work that brings people joy and peace in their lives.

Her self-titled collection of open edition artworks are still available at select global stockists, while her recent transition towards periodically releasing one-of-a-kind pieces reflects her commitment to maintaining accessible art options and can be found directly on her website. Commercial + Residential 
Commissioned projects bring her distinct voice of colorful geometric elements into the spaces we dwell in.
Art Installations
Using gallery and public spaces to push the boundaries of the general public’s perception of stained glass, she creates celestial imaginings and meditative spaces. This constant exploration focuses on the ways in which color theory and pattern-play can transform the built environment we inhabit.