Meditation Installation

SCOPE OF WORK - 3 stained glass panels housed in metal frame measuring 2'W x 8.5'H.

DETAILS - Originally exhibited in 2015, this collaborative installation captivated audiences with its transformative power, occupying the front window area of Jacknife Records and delivering an immersive journey into meditation. At its heart stood a towering triptych of stained glass panels designed and fabricated by Debbie Bean. These mesmerizing creations were complemented by the SubPac tactile bass monitoring system, enriching the auditory experience with the compositions of Miles Cooper Seaton.

When creating the stained glass panels, Debbie's ethos was the use of glass as a conduit for transformation and meditation. Bathed in the gentle waves of light filtering through the stained glass, occupants found themselves transported to a realm of serenity and focus. The carefully selected hues of glass, informed by extensive studies on color psychology, sought to uplift moods and alleviate stress, offering visitors a sanctuary for reflection and rejuvenation.

In late 2022, following the tragic loss of Miles Cooper Seaton, Debbie undertook the poignant task of reinstalling the stained glass artwork. This time, the panels were encased in a durable metal housing, ensuring their preservation for a long-term installation. Now, once again gracing the space at Jacknife Records, the artwork stands as a testament to Seaton's legacy and Debbie's enduring commitment to using stained glass as a medium for healing.