Debbie Bean resides in Los Angeles alongside her husband and their precocious cat. 

Her studio focuses on bespoke residential and commercial projects as well as undertaking ambitious large-scale art installations.

Debbie's lifelong affinity for stained glass began when, at the age of 10, she designed her first panel to replace a window in her childhood home. Her artistic trajectory was profoundly shaped by her initial experience, solidifying her path as a glass artist following her inaugural stained glass class at 16. These formative moments paved the way for the career she enjoys today.

For nearly a decade, Debbie dedicated herself to establishing a global network of over 200 stockists, promoting her exclusive line of open edition pieces. With increasing demand for her bespoke residential and commercial projects, she redirected her studio's focus in 2023, prioritizing the creation of unique, customized artworks.

Exploring the versatility of glass as a dynamic artistic medium, she channels her creative energies into traditional leadwork and warm glass techniques, breathing life into her artistic visions.

Influenced by her profound experiences with Tibetan Lamas, a recurring theme echoes throughout her portfolio. Debbie's artistic mission revolves around crafting pieces designed to evoke joy and peace in those who encounter them.